Louis and Niall as Jaq Jaq and Gus Gus because you know its true UwU

For the 1DAC collab !! :D


Harry and Louis - Through the years

A tribute from the first year till now. Their love is still so strong.


"Your hands my hands tied up like two ships".

How does one go about and tie a chain. I do wonder.

One Direction for Seventeen’s Hot Guys issue - November 2014.

“Great, very funny. He’s very silly and very sweet. Very professional, and never too serious. Like I would be singing in the booth and I would cut a vocal and he’d be like ‘Oh, that was terrible, you should try it again,’ like joking. He was very nice, very very sweet guy.” — Ariana Grande on the question; What was he [Harry Styles] like to work with? x (via lourrye)


Philadelphia, PA. August 14, 2014


this is my favorite set of photos for three reasons


harry’s face when the choreographer calls him a dancer


louis’ face when harry shows off his dance moves


the choreographer’s face when he sees harry’s dance moves